Sunday, 2 December 2012

Fact or Fiction?

So, the war/military action is over, peace reigns throughout the region once again, the 29th of November came, went and saw the blindingly obvious happen at the ever-Israel supportive UN. 

It's easy to sell a story. It needs to be one of two things: either a true story that has some form of interest to the reader, or a work of fiction that is adapted to do the very same thing. The reader connects and enjoys the story. In the case of the outside observer, or international diplomat, they need to find a story that they like the sound of, that fits with their political agenda and makes them look good to their public. And so the narrative of the Palestinian people takes hold, one terminological inexactitude at a time. 

A work of fiction, made believable because people want to believe it, not because it's true. Don't believe me? Here, have a look at this photo taken directly from the official Palestine National Authority website, in the section entitled: Prime Minister, CV. 

"Dr Salam Fayyad was born in Nablus, Palestine in 1952."

Good trick that. 

In 1952, Nablus, Jewish holy sites included, was part of Jordan. Jewish access to aforementioned sites was, of course, forbidden. Palestine, had it existed, would have allowed for Jewish access, of course. That's even in the future plan, according to Abu Mazen himself. Or not. 

Still, it makes for a good CV. And a good story for the world to buy. Or vote for. 

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